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+++Welcome to The Rock FM Riverside Speedway..... The Worlds Southern Most Speedway+++



Results for 3/11/13


Streetstocks Best Pairs

1st - 69i Graeme McKernan and 38i Megan Molloy
2nd - 67i Andrew Jonhston
3rd - 14i Aj Lapsley and 661d Russell Stewart


Production Best Pairs

1st - 28d Daniel Thom and 7i Steven Richardson
2nd - 78 i Aaron Redcliffe and 21i Dave Horton
3rd - 27i Stacey Jackson and 8i Joshua Johnston


BNT Youth Best Pairs

1st - 12i Nikalya Liingstone and 177i Devon Hamilton
2nd - 24i Tam Clements and 52i Danielle Johnson
3rd - 6i Koby Morrison and 22i Jacob Garrick


Other Supporting Grades

Modified Sprints
Heat 1 1st - 17i Craig Phillips, 2nd 33i Glenn Finlay, 3rd 97i Raymond Phillips
Heat 2 1st - 17i Craig Phillips, 2nd 54i Michael Jackson, 3rd 28i Neil Hansen


95i Owen Dickson and 31i Deon McMurdo both had a first place win and a second so are even in points for last night.
10i Paul Renton placed 3rd. it was good to see the two top cars doing extremely well. good driving guys.
and a big thanks to the two visiting drivers, it made it a good night.



No results in for Stockcars or Sprint car


Results for 6/4/12

Mulching.co.nz Youth Saloons Group 1

1: 17i Raymond Phillips
2: 29i Shannon Knight
3: 36i Jayden Fraser

Mulching.co.nz Youth Saloon Group 2

1: 24i Tam Clements
2: 7i Samantha Johnson
3: 6i Koby Morrison

Southland Production Saloon Champs

1: 83d Matt Stewart
2: 12i Chris Kergozou
3: 7i Steven Richardson

Southland Modified Sprint Champs

1: 31c Daryl Harris
2: 22c Keiran Harris
3: 47c Tom Lumsden

Streetstock Teams (Dunedin vs Invercargill)

1: Invercargill 109 points
13i Trev Nelson, 47i Andrew Watson, 37i Arnie Tuhura, 69i Graeme McKernan, 33i Steve Dryden, 27i Peter Knight.

2: Dunedin 95 points
7d Paul Simon, 661d Russell Stewart, 99d Brett Bower, 77d Brian Nicolau, 52d Graham Morris, 48d Gareth Kelk, 555d Mitchell Lavendar

Streetstock Chain Race:

1: 661d Russell Stewart
2: 77d Brian Nicolau
3: 37i Arnie Tuhura

Southland Champs Saloons

1: 46a Nigel Ross
2: 5t Daryl Ainsley
3: 10t Paul Renton


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